The Taildragger Aviation C-150 Exhaust STC gives you the authority to install one set of Cessna 150 exhausts on one specific Cessna 120, 140 or 140A with a C-85, C-90 or O-200 engine. This is a one time use STC, is N number specific and is NOT transferable. 

The STC includes paperwork and installation instructions. The STC is paperwork only, and does not include the exhaust or installation hardware. For a list of possible Exhaust suppliers, see the Muffler Sources page.

The cost of the STC is US$100 for International Cessna 120/140 Association Members, and US$150 for non-members. (Membership in the Association is only US$25 and you can join online at www.Cessna120-140.orgDirect link to the store)

All the rest of the information I need.

If the form does not work out,  Please send us an email using this link: 

Please include the following: Your Name and address, Phone number and email address,
The N number of the plane the STC will be installed on,
Shipping address if different than the registered address of the airplane,
What type of engine, C-85/C90/O-200, and Association Member number

Be sure to include your contact information so we can get ahold of you for any questions. 

After you contact us, we will let you know payment information.


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