Cessna 150 Muffler STC for the Cessna 120/140/140A

Most of the old ‘straight stack” and ‘pancake’ mufflers have had so many thermal cycles (hot-cold during engine operations), they are no longer repairable by welding. Time is taking its toll on them. There is an AD (48-25-02) that requires inspection of the weld joints on the ‘pancake’ mufflers every 25 hours of flying.

Now is the time to upgrade to the Cessna 150 Exhaust System.

There have been three different series of C150 styles that were manufactured by Cessna. This STC will allow the use of any of the three and can be used on the C85, C90 and O-200 engines.

Cabin heat output is generally much improved.  Servicing the muffler system is much easier because the newer style clamps don’t require that both exhaust gaskets to be ‘precisely’ aligned at the same time (per the older styles) when the mufflers are re-installed after removal for inspection.

PRICE: The cost is US$100 for members of the International Cessna 120/140 Association. Non-member cost is US$150. (Membership in the Association is only $25 and you can join online at www.Cessna120140.com.  Link to the Association) 

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